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rd, fewer than 250 because of the technology problems plaguing the site. while access was universally poor, the site's glitches made access in some of the 36 states on the federal insurance exchange worse than in others. >> there are variations that tend to be effected by geography or which internet service provider or which browser that you're using. >> reporter: engineers in l lexington began independently tracking it in mid october. at that time, users in a hand full of states like oklahoma in green saw pages load with normal 1 to 2-second performance but in states with red it took well over 8 seconds. >> that relates to geography. there are certain techniques employed to minimize the differences. >> reporter: recent fixing appear to have improved user experience times overall. >> you want to provide a performance testing environment at scale so millions of users are simulated users are running against the site to make sure that it will scale and provide the response times necessary under that condition. >> reporter: just signed, the obama overseer says their measurements are showi
technology company to get talked up in silicon valley? john fort takes a look. >> reporter: as the business world prepares for a twitter ipo, which we expect to price in just a few days, lots of questions about what kinds of tech companies may be next in the pipeline. what we probably won't see are a lot of prices with companies like twitter, many are in the category and are not exactly chomping at the bit. >> i think we'll see fewer consumer companies, they're waiting longer. i mean, drop box is a good example, if you know the underlying fundamentals of the story, they could have been a public company a while ago and are obviously waiting until they're further along in the cycle. there is no reason for them to be public. on the other hand, there is just a wave of products and infrastructure. >> why? a lot of those companies have done well lately, including work day and splun k.they named a couple of companies that fit the profile. box is another enterprise start-up we'll hear a lot more from in the next year. so what about the consumer names? many like drop box and evernote seem focused on
had a better way to communicate with cats. >> what do you think of the show? >> technology couldn't help me do that, could it? she likes the show, yes. the human-to-cat translator is at the top list of our apps that are real but maybe shouldn't be. from dudes with excuses to talking cats, you're up to speed on apps that are real but shouldn't be. >> i always wanted to talk with a real chef to find out how the pros do it. i did. it's time for shelf shopping secrets on the break down. >> so what are the secret chef tips that you know that you guys might want to know. >> so, mr. theresa, number one, what the heck is that? >> i don't know. it's beautiful. >> if you're wondering around the produce section and you don't know what it is, just ask someone in that department to cut it open and give you a taste. >> they'll just let you taste it? >> yes. >> dragon fruit. >> it looks like a kiwi. >> there you go. number two, theresa, bakeries run on tight schedules. if you call the night before, find out the window of time when the freshest possible bread is going to be on the shelf, you'll h
16th. technology that lets you play with the big boys. that's powerful. ♪ >>> top three reasons you watch the list. number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and, number three, if list just won four emmies. thanks for watching. >> hey,gang. you're on "the list ". if you have some orphank9eu gif cards. >> this week, sears announced it was considering splitting off lands end on the rest of the company. your first reaction was probably sears owns land's end? but behind the is is scenes typically don't matter to most people, unless you're stuck with a gift card. have a langds end gift card you don't want? several companies allow gift cards to be used across their portfolio. got an olive garden gift card but you hate pass too? you can use that at any of the other restaurants. most people know that gp, old navy, piper looirn and athleta are affiliated: but you might not know that a gift card from one works for four. of course, these cars all have separate logos. buyers appear to put a little thought into a gift that requires very little of it. you know, i want to give you $25 f
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)